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MaXi-Race open for entries on Wednesday 15th November

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Monday 13th November 2017
One of our favourite races opens for entries on Wednesday 15th November. If you’re looking for a big adventure for next year, in an absolutely stunning environment, take a look at the Salomon Gore-Tex MaXi-Race in Annecy! 
There’s something for every runner at the MaXi-Race, whether you want a shorter (16k race), a marathon, an ultra or even a vertical kilometre! All the races involve some testing climbs, offering incredible views, and finish next to beautiful Lake Annecy. 
This race has grown and grown over the years, welcoming 8000 runners last year and serving as the World Trail Championships in 2015. Last year they added a 110km ultra race to the existing 85km MaXi-Race. Trail running royalty François d'Haene and Caroline Chaverot took the honours in the new race. 
For 2018 they will also make these changes: 
·The final section between Menthon-St-Bernard and Annecy will be modified to improve the flow of the races and to increase access for the public and for the organisation on certain routes. The Ultra-Race will be slightly longer at 117km, and the  Femina-Race will have more elevation gain, increasing from 900 to 1200m.
·The Ultra-Race will now earn finishers 6 new ITRA points.
Registration opens on 15 November 2017
Registration will open on 15 November for the Ultra-Race and the Marathon-Race, then on 1st December for all other races.
Running clubs will be able to register as of 1st November on  this page
More info on: http://www.maxi-race.net/en/registration/
10 races
· Ultra-Race - 117 km, 7300 m+ - Limited to 900 runners
· MaXi-Race - 85 km, 5200 m+ - The main race, limited to 1500 runners
· XL-Race - 86 km, 5200 m+ - The tour of the lake over two days
· XXL-Race - 117 km over two days
· R-Race - 85 km, 5200 m+ in relay teams of 2 or 4- A shared challenge
· Marathon-Race - 42 km, 2600+ -Half of the tour of lake Annecy, limited to 1400 runners
· Femina-Race - 16 km, 1200 m+ - For ladies only, limited to 300 runners
· Short-Race - 16 km, 950 m+ - An introduction to trail running, limited to 500 runners
· Vertical-Race - 4 km, 830 m+ - An uphill challenge, limited to 100 runners
· Mini-Races - from 100 m to 1 km for up to 300 young runners
For more info: http://www.maxi-race.net/en/france-home-page/
Friday 25 May 2018
12.30pm: Opening of the MaXi-Village - plage d'Albigny Annecy le Vieux
Start of bib distribution (see times for each race) - plage d'Albigny Annecy le Vieux
5.50pm: Briefing for the Vertical-Race at Petit Port - Annecy-le-Vieux
6pm: Start of the Vertical-Race every 10 seconds at Petit Port - Annecy-le-Vieux
Saturday 26 May 2018
1.30am: Start of the Ultra-Race and the XXL-Race - plage d'Albigny Annecy le Vieux
5am: Start of the MaXi-Race - plage d'Albigny Annecy le Vieux
5.10am: Start of the XL-Race day 1 and the R-Race (relay) - plage d'Albigny Annecy le Vieux
8.30am: Start of the Femina-Race - Menthon-St-Bernard
9.30am: Opening of the MaXi-Village - plage d'Albigny Annecy le Vieux
From 10am: Staggered arrival of runners until Sunday morning - Plage d'Albigny Annecy le Vieux
1.30pm: Arrival of 1st men from the 85km followed by the 1st ladies (around 3pm)
1.50pm: Arrival of 1st men from the 117km followed by 1st ladies (around 4pm)
4.30pm - 5pm: Start of the children's Mini-Races: http://www.maxi-race.net/en/races/mini-races/
Sunday 27 May 2018
6.30am: Start of the XL-Race and XXL-Race Day 2 - Doussard
7.30am: Start of the Marathon-Race - Doussard
8.30am: Start of the Short-Race - Menthon-St-Bernard
10am: Opening of the MaXi-Village
11am: Start of the children's Mini-Races
6.30pm: Arrival of the last finisher and closing of all races
7pm: Closing of the MaXi-Village
Find all race info at www.maxi-race.org

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