Tuesday, 17th October 2017
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It's a hot one at the 2017 Maxi Race

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Saturday 27th May 2017
The Salomon Maxi Race is in full swing in Annecy and it’s a hot one! 
In tough conditions runners are racing around different parts of the lake on Saturday and Sunday, doing distances ranging from 15km to 110km. Think 'round a lake' sounds flat? Think again. All these races take place in the mountains surrounding Annecy. 
The winner of the women’s 15km race (which still packed in 1050m of ascent) was Brit Natalie White. We saw her at the top of the last ascent and she was holding off the women in second and third place, who weren’t far behind. She was overtaken on the last descent but put everything into the last km to sprint finish to victory. Huge congratulations Nats! Laurie Renoton was in second, and Sandrine Motto-Ros was third.

Nats Maxi
Natalie White on the last ascent (with Rosa the dog supporting) and the view from the top

The 83km Maxi Race was won by Sebastian Speller and Perrine Tramoni. At time of writing Brit Katie Kaars Sijpesteijn is looking good for third place in the women’s race.
Francois D’Haene of France won the brand new 110km race, with Max King of the USA in second and Caroline Chaverot winning the women’s race and coming in fifth overall. 
Tomorrow it’s the ‘Short Race’, which is also 15km/1050m, and Robbie Britton will be tearing it up in true Robbie ‘go hard or go home’ style. The marathon race also takes place tomorrow.
Follow online at www.maxirace.livetrail.net

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