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The healthiest food you’ve never heard of

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Sunday 14th May 2017
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Have you heard of quark before and if so do you know exactly what it is? If not you could be missing out on one of the healthiest protein packed snacks out there.
Comparable in terms of taste and texture to a thick yoghurt, quark is made similarly from milk, but uses a different strain of good bacteria. The result is a tasty dairy product that is creamier and less acidic than Greek yoghurt or Skyr, but richer in high quality protein and lower in fat.
Particularly popular in Nordic countries, where quark foods take up most of the space on supermarket dairy shelves, it remains relatively unheard of in the UK. A new brand called nutrii, launched by two London based Nordic adventurers, hope to change this for the better with their exciting new quark snacking pot range...
Why include nutrii in your diet?
A quick scan through the nutritional information on the back of a nutrii pack makes you soon realise why it’s the perfect snack for anyone living an active and healthy lifestyle.
Each tub has less than 150 calories and over 20g of high quality protein. nutrii quark is virtually fat free and has no added sugar. The high quality protein will keep you full for longer and help you repair and recover after a tough workout or a gruelling day. Each tub is also packed with gut friendly probiotics to help you maintain a healthy digestive system.
nutrii are just as proud of what’s not in their pots as what is. There’s not an artificial colour, flavour or preservative in sight. The milk used is from non-intensive Dorset farms that uphold strict environmental policies.
Perhaps most importantly nutrii tastes great and there’s a flavour to please everyone - Raspberry, Mango & Passionfruit and Plain.
Ways to enjoy nutrii
The easiest way to enjoy nutrii is to tuck into one of their delicious snack sized tubs after a gym session, hard morning in the office or busy day running around after the kids. nutrii also makes a great breakfast, which can be added to granola or topped with fruit and honey, to help keep huger at bay until lunch. Get a little more adventurous by spreading it on toast as a cream cheese substitute, adding it to smoothies for a high protein boost or using it as a base for healthier sauces.
Where to buy it
The nutrii range (Raspberry, Mango & Passionfruit and Plain) is launching in Sainsbury’s stores this May, from just £1.15 a tub. For more information visit www.eatnutrii.co.uk

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