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Save the 10 miler!

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Monday 13th February 2017
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10 milers and 5 milers used to be pretty popular race distances. But over time our tastes changed for the more European distances of 5k and 10k, in much the same way that we started to develop sophisticated tendencies for tiny cups of coffee and Italian food other than spag bol.  
But there is so much to love about the 10 miler. It’s a good distance to step up to if you want to make the jump from a 10k to a half. It’s a fun morning out - a decent, hard run but it won’t take you long to recover from. It’s a great distance to race if you’re training for a half, or a marathon. 
Robbie Britton is a big fan of the 10 miler. Yes, THAT Robbie Britton, winner of the 2015 Canterbury 10 (with Paul Navesey in 2nd).  
Robbie said: "The 10 miler is a dying breed so you have to go find one soon, before it's too late. For me it's the best distance for just running as fast as you can for as long as you can and although the target of a round 60 minutes (or 59:59) may seem ambitious for many it is a fine goal to have so lace up your daps and find a 10 miler near you before they're all gone."
While sub 60 minutes might be optimistic for many of us, there are some great 10 milers around to test your mettle. They range from the big blockbusters (with big entry fees) right through to the old school, so there’s something for everybody. There’s even some new ones. So come on, enter one and save the 10 miler. 
Here’s a few in the next few months: 
Reverse 10 (Pontypridd) 9/3 £12.50 affiliated 
Granite Way 10 (Devon) 12/3 £16 affiliated entry 
Locke Park 10 (Redcar) 19/3 £13 affiliated entry 
Sandy 10 (Bedfordshire) 26/3 £14 affiliated entry 
BTR Liverpool 10 2/4 £27 
Great Edinburgh Run 23/4 £30 
Maidenhead Easter 10 14/4 £20 affiliated entry 
And there’s even a new one:
London 10 Mile (Richmond Park) 4/6 £44  

If anything good can come from Brexit, let's embrace the good old 10 mile distance again. 

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