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SSShhh, it’s a secret. They’ve finally crossed the pond…

by Press Release
Wednesday 4th May 2011

…but they dry fast so they’re ready to go

Occasionally something comes along that’s so good you just can’t bear to share it with anyone else, and so it remains an inside secret. But when a secret has been kept for over 60 years it’s about time it’s shared with everyone. A family run business established in 1948 and now in its third generation of ownership, Wrightsock™ has taken the plunge to cross onto British shores with its range of proven and patented, blister free guaranteed socks.

Whatever you do – running, hiking or just day‐to‐day walking – the comfort of your feet is of the utmost importance, that’s why Wrightsock™ have a range of styles that cater for every need. A Double Layer Anti‐Blister System™ ensures a snug fit to the foot and allows any friction to occur between the fabric rather than the skin – so confident of the effects and its proven track record Wrightsock™ were the first to offer the blister free guarantee. And should you stray into the pitfalls of a muddy puddle or simply wish to experience the comfort of cool feet on those more demanding runs Wrightsock™ will wick away the moisture fast leaving your feet feeling fresh and dry. Add in flat seams, contoured heel support, a range of material thicknesses for varying uses and of course a soft feel it’s easy to see why Wrightsock™ live by the motto – great feel, great fit, great sock.


So will you be part of the running world’s best kept secret? To join in and see what’s been kept a secret for so long simply visit www.wrightsock.co.uk to order your pair.

When you discover what you’ve been missing out on will you be able to keep them a secret?

Wrightsock™ are available through Graeme Knott who, following on from his success with “The Stick” massage device (www.the-stick.co.uk), has gained exclusive distribution rights in the UK and Ireland. www.wrightsock.co.uk


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